Day 9 - Phenol Toenail Ablation

Pain is starting to get intense. I'm avoiding any change to leave the house unless I absolutely have to. I think I could work at this point, but it would be tough. Luckily, I planned to take this month to study for my board exam so I would be off my feet.

The toes are starting to get redder. I'm not worried about infection at this point because the toes do not feel intensely hot and there is no pus. The redness looks like an inflammatory reaction since it is the same on all toes. I find out on post-op day 13 from my podiatrist that this a reaction to the phenol.

Since this looks inflammatory and the acetaminophen is not working as well anymore, I started taking naproxen (an anti-inflammatory). This worked very well, except it was rough on my stomach after a couple of day. So, I rotated acetaminophen with naproxen then added the Percocet when pain was bad (mostly at night). Ranitidine helped when my stomach hurt.

The wounds are looking great. The bumpy tissue inside the wound that looks more like my skin color and less like the flat red nail bed is called granulation tissue. This is a sign of good healing. Daily 30 minute soapy water soaks are still going well, but having my feet down causes some mild pain.

I'm including a couple of pictures of the Silvadene ointment with cotton pads between the toes. This setup worked great when I was sitting around for long periods of time with my feet up. The cotton pads separated toes so the drainage would not get between them.

Post-Op Progress (Click Images For Larger View)
Day 9 - Right Foot

Day 9 - Left Foot

Day 9 - Right Foot + Silvadene Ointment

Day 9 - Left Foot + Silvadene Ointment